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At the heart of Poetry® is my love of
natural fabrics and a desire to produce
beautiful clothes that can be enjoyed for
years to come. We design and develop
the collections at our studio near
Putney Bridge, London, taking inspiration
from trends in fashion but also from the
wider world of art and culture.

The Poetry® aesthetic is one of
understated luxury. Easy, relaxed pieces in
beautiful fabrics. Simplicity of design with
clean lines and contemporary silhouettes.
Colours that are subtle and sophisticated,
chosen to show off the natural beauty of
the yarns and fabrics. Poetry® clothes are
easy to wear and put together to create
a look that is effortlessly stylish.

We use only the highest quality natural yarns
from some of the best mills in the world. Our
preferred yarns for knitwear are cashmere, fine
merino wool, alpaca, linen and cotton. Alpaca
is a yarn that we have championed since we
started working with Michell in 2007. Michell
is the world's oldest alpaca mill with a long
history and tradition of producing high quality
yarns. They also have an extensive program
of support for the local community in the
areas where the alpaca herds are reared. Our
suppliers play a central role in making Poetry®
what it is and I'm proud to be associated with
all of them.

Developing our fabrics is a slow process.
Selecting the yarns, considering the colours,
the way in which the yarns are dyed, weaving
or knitting the yarns to produce a fabric and
then experimenting with different washing and
finishing processes. Initially we go through this
process to produce handlooms. Once we have
a handloom that looks like it has potential we
produce a sample length that we can then test
and develop further. This part of the design
process is one I particularly enjoy, combining
technical expertise with creativity to produce
something beautiful. I think it's well worth
the effort because at the end of it we have
a material that has so many dimensions to it.
How it drapes, its texture, the way the colours
blend, how it responds to washing and how it
develops over time as the customer wears and
washes it. Qualities that help to make Poetry®
clothes unique.

Luke Dashper, Founder

Over the last 20 years I have been lucky enough
to work with some amazing fabric mills and
garment makers. The majority of them are small
owner-managed businesses like ours, and most of
them we have worked with for many years. They
are all focused on the low volume, high quality
end of the clothing market and hence they have
small factories with a highly skilled workforce.
I visit them all regularly and know that they are
pleasant places to work with decent pay and
conditions. It's only by working closely with our
suppliers and drawing on their knowledge and
technical expertise that we are able to develop
unique and beautiful fabrics and clothes. The best
suppliers for a particular material tend to be those
located where the material has a long history
and is part of the culture: Alpaca from Peru, silk
from China, woollen fabrics from Italy. Tradition
plays an important role in the development and
production of beautiful clothing but so too does
technology and our suppliers blend both the
traditional expertise with the latest technology
to keep improving their products.

A good example of this is one of our knitwear
suppliers based in Hong Kong, owned and
managed by Jackie, recently with the involvement
of his charming son Chapman. I don't think anyone
can know as much about knitwear as Jackie
although he still professes to be learning. He
recently bought one of the latest Japanese knitting
machines that can produce knitted garments with
a unique appearance more akin to a woven fabric.
It is always a pleasure to visit Jackie (he knows the
best fish restaurants in Kowloon) and it is always
a pleasure to receive a sample from him as he
nearly always interprets the design so well.


As well as Poetry®, we have a second brand
Wrap London. The design and marketing
team for both brands is effectively one team
of about fourteen people. There are some
within that team that are focused on one
brand or the other but we sit in a shared
space working together and sharing ideas.
As a result the two brands have many shared
values: a love of beautiful, predominantly
natural fibres is at the core of both; the look
for both brands is relaxed and informal. The
Wrap London collection has more print and
embroidery than Poetry® and denim plays a
central role. This gives a more casual, urban
feeling to the collection whilst prints and
embroideries make a statement. To see the
Wrap London collection click here to visit
the website.

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