A Summer In Provence - Poetry

A Summer In Provence -

Within the towns and villages set in the rich Provencal countryside, the textured crumbling walls, sun-bleached shutters and wildflowers growing through cracks in the brickwork create the colour palette for this story. Lightweight matching layers are relaxed and cool. Dresses are long and easy in shape with gathers to create volume. Summer stripes take inspiration from the natural world with variegated secondary colours. The languid feel continues with fine gauge linen knits creating effortlessly floaty silhouettes.

A Summer In Provence -

Enter a dedicated creative space, a place of art and craft. Clothes are practical with natural materials giving a rustic, heavily-textured feel, yet artisanal details of broken stripes, contrast stitching and delicate embroidery lift each piece. Bold gingham checks cover maxi-skirts whilst the hero piece is the oversize shirtdress which is as versatile as it is attractive. The colour palette of shell, olive and sisal set against navy blue is inspired by the paintings of Matisse, himself attracted to Nice due to the colourful reflections and the brightness of every day.

A Summer In Provence -
Les Roches Blanches

Amidst a backdrop of azure seas and sun-bleach beaches, we looked to the work of neo-impressionist painter, Paul Signac, for inspiration. Using the application of pigment in a much freer manner in his watercolours, his vibrant colour palette infuses this story with intense shades of yellow and turquoise through to azure blue set back with white and black. Fabrics are deliberately creased, and knits use tape yarn and cotton to create subtle texture and silhouettes. whilst volume is key with skirts being full and floaty.

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