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Recycled Cashmere

New to Poetry for this season, we are excited to be working with a family-run
Italian supplier that specialises in recycling cashmere. Founded by Eduardo Mariotti
in 1990, the company's expertise lies in processing textile raw materials in order
to reduce the impact of garment production on the environment.

Starting with huge bales of pure cashmere
knitwear, a specialist in-house team will
remove any labels from the garments and
carefully assort them into colour groups
before they are shredded and broken down.
This process takes the yarn back to its
almost raw state. The recycled yarn is then
blended with new virgin cashmere and spun
into a combined yarn, ready to be knitted
into beautiful new garments.

Thicker than what you might be used to
in a pure cashmere sweater, our recycled
cashmere silhouettes are wonderfully
warm and generously styled. Discover our
beautifully detailed dip-dye poncho and
snuggle up in our cosy v-neck sweater and
cropped trousers as the temperature drops.

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